Go-To Makeup Removing Wipes


Does your current #MakeupRemoverWipes make your face feel so fresh & rejuvenated? Well if not it is definitely time to switch over!! I actually started using these wipes because my mom bought them for me to try when i was in the hospital after giving birth to my son and i just fell in love with them. I’ve been using them now for 3 months and i haven’t used any other brands since because they’ve been just that great.


#Pacifica natural beauty cactus water makeup removing wipes with coconut milk are 100% vegan cruelty free. Just reading that should’ve made you feel refreshed and wanting to try this product because i know when i first read the packaging i was intrigued. I believe i gave my mom a high five telling her she might’ve picked a winner hahah. These are made for all skin types and completely natural. They are cactus water infused with no rinsing required. The jojoba oil in combination with aloe vera makes these wipes gentle and highly effective. From my personal experience these definitely clean gently but completely. I just love the instant clean feeling i get once i take that first swipe across my face its like taking a breath of fresh air. #PacificaMakeupRemovingWipes are formulated without sulfates, SLS, parabens, phthalates, and petroleum. Also a portion of their proceeds supports clean water, and these are the reasons why i highly recommend this product. These also have helped tremendously with keeping clear skin and not having that feeling where you feel there is alot of dirt and makeup left on your face. I say give these a try for sure; i’ll post a link to buy them below and i would really like for you all to leave a comment on your opinion of them after trying them out. BUY THEM HERE


Pacifica Makeup Removing Wipes (Purchase Here)

Watch my clear skin journey/routine here ( Click https://youtu.be/jFlG0SWA_Js )

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xoxo Shavon Michel’le


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